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“You measure system capability; you do not prescribe it.” - Mary Poppendieck

Agile Project Management

ChangeLeap Solutions migrates Clients from traditional Waterfall or Gated Project Management methodology to Agile and Lean Project Management methodologies. The key change when moving from traditional to Agile/Lean Project Management methodologies is the shift from a “Plan-Plan-Do” approach to a “Plan-Do-RePlan-Do-RePlan-Do-RePlan-Do..etc.” approach, also called Adaptive Planning. There is no defined Project Management role in Agile as such, but when you have a Scaled Agile Implementation (SAFe, LeSS or another hybrid) then aspects of Project and Release Management are still important.

From working with clients, we know that Project Management doesn’t go away, but ownership typically moves to Scrum Masters. Traditional Project Managers often evolve into either Release/Programme Managers or indeed Scrum Masters. Organisational scale, size and complexity will influence these role requirements.

Regardless of roles and activities, your organisation still needs to deliver working Software to your Customers and the need to track progress and value remains critical to ensure customers satisfaction.

Some common Project Management challenges our Clients typically face:

  • Migrating from tracking Hours to Story Points.

  • Mentoring for Scrum Masters reporting on Progress.

  • Migrating from Gantt Charts to Release Burndown Charts.

  • Budgeting on Agile Projects.

  • Scaling Agile, tracking multiple teams sharing the same Product Backlog.

  • Overall Release Tracking/Reporting growth and scope changes on backlog.

  • Reporting Project Status to Programme Board/Steering/Leadership.

  • Managing dependencies & interdependencies across products/projects.

  • Metrics not consistently tracked across teams.

  • Migrating from Tracking Velocity to Cycle Time and Cadence.

  • Steering/Leadership Agile Project Reporting

    • Communicating the project in a way that is understood.

    • Embracing the dynamic nature of Agile Project Reporting, moving away from concepts of Fixed Scope.


At ChangeLeap Solutions we work with organisations to assess current state Project Management methodologies and future reporting requirements. We then design reporting structures, metrics and tools in the Agile process for tracking and communicating progress to all Stakeholders and Customers.

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