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Lean, Agile Specialists.
Agile Scrum Team

Agile Scrum Team

Want to Empower your Software Development Teams?

Adopt Lean Kanban

Adopt Lean Kanban

Want to Maximum Efficiency & Minimum Waste?

Build Performance

Build Performance

Want to Create High Performance Individuals and Teams?

The Power of Executive Coaching

The Power of Executive Coaching

Want to Achieve your Professional Goals Faster?

ONLY Agile Organisations are equipped to cope in this digital transformation age. At ChangeLeap Solutions we reduce your Software Delivery costs and increase Software Quality whilst enabling teams to respond to change easily.

Whether you’re starting Agile / Lean, maturing your existing practices or scaling up, we offer Agile Solutions and Agile Services to ensure your Transformation succeeds.

Dynamic Agile Solutions
Agile Solutions

Our Solutions offer Clients a packaged set of Services to progress them to the next stage of their Agile Journey. TheAgileLeap™, MatureAgileLeap™ or ScaleAgileLeap™.

Agile Services

Our Solutions focus on delivering exactly what your organisation needs. Coaching & ConsultancyOutsourced Agile CoachingAgile Project Management and Training.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a partnership, it enables personal and professional growth. We offer both 1-2-1 Coaching and Team Coaching. Learn more or Contact Us.

How can Agile enhance my Organisation?​

Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Faster to Market.

  • Build Products with no Waste.

  • Increase Customer Loyalty & Trust.

  • No "Requirements Change" Costs.

  • Early Return on Investment. 

  • Incremental Software deliveries.

  • Lowered risk.

Positive Working Culture


  • Empowered Autonomous Teams.

  • Increase Employee Satisfaction.

  • Management by Visualisation.

  • Collaborative dynamic working environment.

Increase Quality & Agility. Reduce Cost.


  • Reduce Waste with Increase Efficiency.

  • Increase Product Quality leading to:

    • Reduced Support Costs from fewer production defects.

    • Minimised downtime.

  • “Fail Fast” approach, address Risk early.

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