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“The only real failure is the failure to learn from failure” Henrik Kniberg

Our Clients often feel challenged when selecting a scaling framework as they vary greatly. Some are highly prescriptive and others merely make suggestions. Some are designed for very large organisations and others for smaller organisations.

At ChangeLeap we work with your Organisation to identify the correct framework for you. ScaleAgileLeap™ will assist you with Scaling your Agile Organisation. Our coaches work with Clients to assess existing structures, portfolios and product configurations to advise on an appropriate scaling framework.

Agile, be it Lean Kanban, Scrum or XP, provides a framework for individual teams. These methodologies don’t always provide roles or guidance on how to manage the complexities of multiple teams working on the same product or how the Organisation itself should interact with Agile Teams.


There are multiple frameworks that provide guidance on how to scale across your Organisation both within Software Development and beyond.

Scaling Agile brings Agile / Lean Practices to other parts of the Organisation, both inside and outside the Software Development Value Stream. Scaling Agile is about the Organisation as a whole becoming Agile.

If you're ready to Scale Agile / Lean across your Organisation,

then ScaleAgileLeap™ is for you.

Why Clients buy MatureAgileLeap™?
  • Organisation Complexity is in the way of Scaling Agile / Lean.
  • Facing challenges with Release Planning for Products with multiple Teams.
  • Establishing a solid Portfolio and Programme Reporting Structure.
  • Challenges managing Product Inter-dependencies in a Scaled Agile Environment.
  • Organisational Culture is restricting Agile Practices.
  • Selecting a suitable Scaling Framework, or hybrid version:​​
    • ​Scrum of Scrums (SoS), Scale Agile Framework (SAFe), Large-Scaled Scrum (LeSS). Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD), Spotify Model (Tribes, Guilds, Chapters & Squads) or Dynamic System Development Method (DSDM).
What's Included?
  • Assessment & Review of Challenges & Scaling Objectives.
  • Solution Architecture for recommended Scaling approach.
  • Change Management Plan.
  • Training (if Applicable).
  • Agile / Lean Coaching.
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