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Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching brings many advantages to both your Agile and Management teams by supporting your Lean / Agile Transformation.


An Agile Coach acts as an expert in Agile Practices whilst supporting, educating & facilitating Agile change. They also work in a reflective capacity to constantly observe, offer feedback and positively ask questions of the teams, thus encouraging them to solve their own issues rather than being prescriptive about change. Teams that define their own solutions increase their likelihood of implementing lasting change. Coaching works best with embedding long term change following initial Training and/or Consultancy.

By working at all levels within the organisation, we approach Agile Coaching systemically to ensure the wider influences and organisational patterns are challenged -these are often some of the hindrances to successful Agile adoption.

Agile Coach Mindmap by Liz Sedley and Rachel Davies from the Book – Agile Coaching (Reproduced with Permission – 

The role of an Agile Coach

Agile Consultancy

Agile Consultancy is a more directive way to get Agile guidance. It involves an Agile expert advising you what your next steps should be following a review of existing practices.


Based on expertise and experience, our Consultants quickly identify the root cause of your challenges and recommend solutions to help your teams produce great software by applying corrective Agile Practices.


Consultancy works best for your organisation when you need Agile knowledge fast. Agile Coaching will work better when embedding long term change.

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