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"You can't be agile when you're knee-deep in mud" ~Martin Fowler

All organisations face challenges when adopting Agile / Lean practices,

we root cause these issues fast and work collaboratively with you to resolve them.

If you want to further embed and mature your Agile-,

then MatureAgileLeap™ is for you.

Why Clients buy MatureAgileLeap™?
  • They’ve implemented Agile but they aren’t seeing the benefits they expected.
  • They’re struggling with specific aspects of Agile.
  • Their Agile implementation resembles “Watergile” or “Wagile”!
  • Their Organisation may not be ready to fully embrace Agile but Development Teams are.
  • There are specific legacy constraints within the Organisation acting as blockers.
  • Teams are struggling to become autonomous and empowered.
  • Definition of Done is either not defined or not adhered to.
What's Included?
  • Assessment & Review of Existing Practices.
  • Diagnostics on Root Cause.
  • Presentation and Report on Findings.
  • Refined Backlog of Areas to Tackle.
  • Mapped out Change
  • Management Plan.
  • Training (if Applicable).
  • Coaching.
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